how to get into paris from the airport?

No friends or relatives to pick you up on your arrival at Roissy? No hotel shuttle waiting for you? Don’t worry, you still have three options:

-TAXIS : the easiest way, but expensive, especially if you travel alone (about 50 euros), and it might take over an hour – trafficjams are not unusual.

– BUSSES : Roissybus stops at terminal 1, 2 and 3 and can take you to Paris centre (Opera). Follow the signs in the airport hallway to get to it, and buy your ticket from the driver. It will cost you 8,50 euros. Air France busses take you to the Etoile and Porte Maillot (northwest) or to railway stations : gare de Lyon (southbound trains) and gare Montparnasse (westbound trains) It will cost you 13 or 14 euros. Estimated time : about 60 minutes, but once again, it depends on the traffic.

– TRAIN : from airport terminal 2, go to RER B station, all trains have three stops in the city : Gare Du Nord (North Paris), Chatelet-les-Halles (centre) and Saint-Michel Notre -Dame ( leftbank). It is an about 30 minutes journey, and will cost you 8,20 euros. Definitly the quickest and cheapest way into town, but forget it ifyou have to carry heavy luggage up and down the stairs.

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