Plan to be in Paris between 10/06 7 PM and 10/07 7 AM ?
Don’t miss the NUIT BLANCHE!

Since october 2002, the first saturday night of the month is dedicated to wandering about discovering STREET ART, EXHIBITIONS, CONCERTS and PERFORMANCES.

This year, all events take place around the SUBWAY LINE 14 STATIONS ( paris trains and busses are running all night).

credits: Radi Designers

You can rest in a cosy VIRTUAL TRAIN near SAINT-LAZARE, warm up by the fire of an ARDENT NIGHT in the TUILERIES, cool down under NAMES FALLING LIKE RAIN in ALIGRE, and enjoy the BLUE HOUR in THE OLYMPIADES AREA, visit MUSEUMS and ordinary closed places. And all that without wearing your feet out.

credits: Sylvie Monier

Beware to be casually and warmly dressed, all the former issues were either chilly or really cold, and you might want to take part to interactive scenes without worrying about your chothes.

For all informations, click here :


2 responses to “NUIT BLANCHE (WAKEFUL NIGHT)2007

  1. This was such a wonderful evening! I can’t wait until 2008 for the next one!

  2. So am I!

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