Up to january 13, don’t miss the ARCIMBOLDO ‘s exhibition at the MUSEE DU LUXEMBOURG. This RENAISSANCE ARTIST, rediscovered by SURREALISTS, is most famous for his FRUITS and VEGETABLES PORTRAITS. This FIRST MONOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION shows all the aspects of the painter’s art.

Great for kids, delicious and intriguing for adults.
Ideas for a walk before or after the visit : le JARDIN DU LUXEMBOURG, la PLACE SAINT-SULPICE.

Museum is opened everyday from 10.30 to 19 (monday, saturday, friday up to 22, and opens at 9 on sundays).

It’s always crowded, so if you’re reluctant to stand in line for hours, the best way is to make a reservation on line at the museum’s site. If you hate to plan things in advance, try the opening time in the morning, or after 19 on the days it closes at 22.

Should you miss it in Paris, you can catch it in VIENNA from february 11 to june 1 at the Kunshistorisches Museum.

Musée du Luxembourg, 19 rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris, Phone : 331 42 34 25 95 (From France, dial :01 42 34 25 95)

For reservation, all informations and site map, go to :


4 responses to “ARCIMBOLDO IN PARIS

  1. I agree – don’t miss this exhibition!

  2. you don’t have any of the pictues he did with fish

  3. It’s forbidden to take pictures at the exhibition, and anyway, it was so crowded when I visited it that there was no chance to take any good photo.
    You can find some in the exhibition catalogue, in books about Arcimboldo, or look for Arcimboldo pictures websites.

  4. Jenna, is this the image that you were after?
    The Musée du Luxembourg has a pretty good web reference on Arcimboldo’s oeuvre.

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