2007 Wakeful Night : 2 days later

When night came, Tuileries Gardens were crowded with people wandering in the dark, sitting around the pools, or in the dim light outside garden cafés. The air was mild, it was quiet, and it had a taste of magic.


Then came guys of the Carabosse Company with torches who started to light a fire in the first of six huge iron globes.


Each time a structure burst in flames, people gathered applauding the performers, and took thousands of pictures.


Half an hour later, the whole garden, the pools and even the big wheel’s center were glowing with fire. The “Ardent Night ” was still young.


As we strolled along the Parisian streets, we passed by cafés over crowded with people watching the rugby cup on plasma screens, holding their breath. And we stopped at the museum of Judaism art and history and enjoyed ” Cinemix : Superman / Look up in the sky “.


Then roars of joy and loud singing rose from the cafés, so that no one could ignore that France had won the match against the All Blacks (which was unexpected) ; and at the same time city streets got crowded both with art amateurs and enthusiastic rugby fans, and unexpectedly they got along quite well.


This coincidence made the last “Nuit Blanche” really special,


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