“Intrusions” in the Paris Petit Palais

Located in front of the “Grand Palais”, the “Petit Palais” was also built for the 1900 international exhibition, and converted into a museum. It has been closed for years, but has recently reopened, beautifully restored. It shows a large collection of ancient paintings, sculptures, vases, furniture…


The current exhibition“Intrusions” makes a good opportunity to enjoy its great 1900 architecture.


Come in, and discover the luxuriant interior garden.


Have a quick lunch or a drink in this great surroundings at the museum’s luxury snack-bar.


Walking through the exhibition rooms, the unexpected presence of contemporary art pieces, as Richard Fauquet’s untitled head, will draw your attention to the permanent collection.


Samuel Rousseau’s odd and humorous work enhances the staircase harmony.


Florence Doleac “bare laid chair” echoes to the next XIXth century pieces of furniture.


Petit Palais avenue Winston Churchill, Métro Champs-Elysées Clémenceau. Tel : 33(0)1 53 43 40 00. Open everyday except Mondays 10 to 18. “Intrusions”exhibition up to January 6. Free entrance.

For more information : http://www.paris.fr/portail/Culture/Portal.lut?page_id=6228


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