An ecological way to move around Paris : Urban Cabs

The national transports strike continues on 10/19, so tomorrow as to day, if you are in Paris, you’ll have to stay around home, be athletic (trekking), lucky (find an available bike in a Velib station), reckless (hitch hiking). Or it might be a good day to try Urban Cab.

These funny electric tricycles are driven by young “chauffeurs”, you can catch one near Bastille, Saint-Germain des Prés or Concorde. They take two passengers, and your favorite pet too.


They charge 1, 50 a head, plus 1, 50 per km, Sundays 2, 50. And they’ll take you to your destination at the reasonable speed of 25, 30 km/h, which is perfect for sight seeing.


Urban Cabs fleet counts 7 vehicles, and each driver has a cell phone number that you may call to make a reservation for the following day ( see urban cabs site for phone numbers).

For all information and reservation, go to :


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