Paris best teas : Mariages Frères

French Medias headlines are all about President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Cecilia’s divorce. Much ado about an after all private affair.

Mariages Frères is a much more interesting matter : nothing to do with wedding, but the best tea house in Paris, two wood paneled shops facing each other in a tiny Marais street, rue du Bourg -Tibourg.


Young salesmen in linen suites help you to make a choice in their large selection of great teas, opening a few large tea boxes to let you smell the fragrances. As the place is usually crowded, you’ll have plenty of time reading the catalog to make a first selection. You’ll also find tea-pots, tea cups, tea spoons, tea bowls, tea boxes… anything about tea.


And if you care for tasting some tea, some tea jelly or have a nice lunch, go to the dining room upstairs, it’s cozy and delicious.


Mariages Frères 30 and 35 rue du Bourg-Tibourg 75004 Paris Metro Hôtel de Ville Tel: 33(0)1 43 47 18 54.

All informations :


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