This 2007 fall’s major art exhibition in Paris : Courbet

Up to January 28, the Paris Grand Palais museum shows a large and fascinating exhibition dedicated to Gustave Courbet, the master of realistic painting, who revolutionized art of his time before he joined the Paris Commune and went to jail for putting “Colonne Vendôme” down. ( Nowadays, it stands in the middle of Place Vendôme).


The exhibition plan shows every aspects of its art, beginning with his self portraits, as the stunning one which faces us on the outdoor posters.


This beautiful and languorous portrait of Johanna “la belle irlandaise” arouse a forever opened question.


Was she the one who modeled for the famous and scandalous “Origin of the Word”?


The Origin of the word has been invisible for years before it was given to Orsay Museum. This exhibition presents it between the paintings that used to be hiding it in its owners’ home : a frozen landscape by Courbet for the Budapest art collector, and a panel made on purpose by André Masson for Jacques Lacan and his wife Sylvia, who were the painting’s last private owner.

I advise you to make a reservation if you wish to visit this exhibition, unless you enjoy to get frozen waiting for hours on this windy avenue before you can come in .

For reservation and more information, go to :


2 responses to “This 2007 fall’s major art exhibition in Paris : Courbet

  1. I thought it was “Origin of the World” not “Word” – referring to Eve and procreation rather than lips! Am I wrong?

    Loved the exhibition – such a variety of subject matter – a wonderful, versatile (and obviously not a modest – artist.

  2. Of course, you’re perfectly right, I just missed the l and did not re read this post carefully enough before publishing. Sorry.
    I am glad you enjoyed the exhibition, and after all , Courbet was entitled not to be modest.

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