Go for a stroll in the past along Paris rue François Miron

Rue François Miron is one of the most exquisite of the Paris Marais.

Let’s take it where it starts, place Saint Gervais. I am very fond of this quiet place so close from heavy and loud traffic around the Hôtel de Ville. In ancient times it was named after a huge elm tree that stood its middle, and was a popular meeting point. Nowadays, there is a small tree and a parking lot, but with the Saint Gervais church standing in its back, it looks pretty much like a theater set.


The first houses on the right side of François Miron street were built in XVIII century and all their balconies are adorned with an iron elm tree.

But let’s go round the church following the narrow rue des Barres. The house at the corner of rue du Grenier sur l’Eau looks quite medieval.


A little further, the street becomes larger as it goes down to the river. It is so peaceful yet animated that could never believe that you’re right in heart of the city. It’s delicious to sit there in the sun having a drink with no cars around.


But let’s go back to François Miron, almost every house have some historical interest. On the left, # 13, stands one of the last Paris XV century houses.


Further on the right, # 68, you can’t miss hôtel Beauvais. King Louis XIV’s wedding parade passed under this balcony :


But do come in and take a look at it’s magnificent court. Hôtel Beauvais was built in 1655 by architect Lepautre, who was Cardinal Mazarin protégé, and with this building he became famous. The great Bernini said he admired his work when he came to visit the house, and he was definitely right.


rue François Miron, métro Hôtel de Ville and Saint-Paul .


2 responses to “Go for a stroll in the past along Paris rue François Miron

  1. It looks beautiful round there – I must have a walk about the environs next time that I’m in Paris.

  2. Finding your blog tonight was fortunate serendipity. I’m taking my daughter to Paris next summer and am in the process of scouting lodgings. I found a listing for an apartment rental at 7 Rue Francois Miron that looked interesting, so Googled the address. Et voila, your blog. Thanks for the stroll down Francois Miron. I think I’m going to book this apartment straight away.


    Lori Hein

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