Wandering about Saint Paul village in Paris

Coming to light at Saint-Paul subway station, you can’t miss the seventieth century Saint Paul church, ordered by king Louis XIII.


You may come in even if you’re not a catholic, you’ll see two interesting pieces of art:

A romantic nineteenth century painting by Eugène Delacroix “Christ in agony at Olive Trees Garden”, and a statue by Germain Pilon, all sixteenth century French kings’ official sculptor.


Coming to light again, cheer up and take rue Saint Paul, you’ll find Village Saint Paul‘s gate.


It’s a charming maze of unevenly paved courts, named by different colors, the orange court, the pink one, the green one…


There you can peacefully wander about, window shopping or visiting some of the village shops, all specialized in antiques or design.


Go out Saint Paul Village on Jardin Saint Paul street, and you’ll see the back of Saint Paul church and this beautiful fountain.


Take a left on rue Charlemagne, and then on rue du Figuier: it was named after Queen Margot, former wife of King Henri IV, who moved here in Hôtel de Sens and had cut down a large fig tree to make way for her coach.

Unfortunately Hôtel de Sens is being restored and covered with scaffoldings. This is what it looks like usually, and will look like within 6 months :


You can still enter the garden and take a look at the back of the building.


The place is now occupied by Fornay library, which is specialized in decorative arts, opened to public, and presenting temporary exhibitions : up to January 5, posters by Francisque Poulbot, who created after first world war his figures of poor Montmartre kids called “Poulbot“.

Bibliothèque Fornay 1 rue du Figuier 75004 Paris tel 33(0)1 42 78 14 60, Métro Saint-Paul, open Tuesday to Saturday 13.30/19.30, free entrance to library, price for Poulbot exhibition : 4 euros.

More information and pictures about Village Saint-Paul on : http://boutique.inventions.free.fr/saint_paul.htm


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