Paris street art in “la Butte aux Cailles”

Besides graph and tags directly inspired from USA, smaller figurative stencilled images show up on Paris walls. Their authors have each a specific style, some picture always the same figure. They are outlaw and wiped off, but reappear on other places.


These days, Paris street artists have settled down in The Butte-aux-Cailles neighborhood. Close to the noisy Place d’Italie, this delightful small area looks like a provincial village. Of course, factories have closed long ago, and it’s no longer a working class district, but it has kept some memory of these times, and it’s still informal.


Place de la Commune de Paris, I spot one of FKDL dancers.


And a few meters down rue de la Butte aux Cailles, JEF AEROSOL’s drummer and his motto : “music makes walls softer “.


Passage Barrault, time seems to have stopped a hundred years ago.



Next to FKDL dancer, a small torn out poster “Misstic president” premonitory claims : “in what poor state am I?”


I have enjoyed meeting her sexy wild figure with it’s bitter sweet thoughts on other Paris walls for twenty years. Now at last she is quite famous, and besides street art she has made performances, had gallery exhibitions, and a beautiful book of photos of her work has been published.



“Time is a serial liar”

On the opposite corner of des 5 diamants and Jonas streets, at lunch time, chez Gladines is a local institution, inexpensive but often overcrowded . On the afternoon it is a café that you may visit if you feel curious, tired or thirsty.



Misstic‘s witticism is hard to translate because it always plays on words’ sound and spelling. (here : “No ideals, just high ideas.”)


“What I haven’t been given, I take it ”

Going down rue des 5 diamants, we meet another JEF AEROSOL’s musician .


This was a glimpse of Buttes aux Cailles area. Before leaving it, you might want to take a swim in it’s art deco swimming pool, which has an outdoor pool opened in summer, and the sweetest water of all parisian pools. Neighborhood people come and fill bottles at the fountain nearby.


And if it is lunch or dinner time, to stay in the local mood the place to stop would be “le temps des cerises”, a restaurant named after a famous nostalgic song of the Commune de Paris time. The place claims to be a “cooperative worker’s society”and serves tasty traditional French cooking.


Le Temps des Cerises, 20 rue de la Butte aux Cailles 75013 Paris, tel 33(0)1 45 89 69 48, Metro : Place d’Italie. Opened Monday to Saturday, lunch 11.45 to 14.15, dinner 19.30 to 23.45.

chez Gladines, 30 rue des 5 diamants, 75013 Paris, tel : 33(o)1 45 80 70 10. Metro Corvisart.

Piscine de la Butte aux Cailles (swimming pool) 5 place Paul Verlaine 75013 Paris, tel 33(0)1 45 89 60 05 Metro Place d’Italie.

To know all about Misstic and her work :

More about FKDL :

More about JEF AEROSOL : ttp://


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