Paris : a room with a view, on top of “Palais de Tokyo”

Last October, in Paris Trocadéro, a strange green space capsule was hovering over Palais de Tokyo, which harbors the site of contemporary art creation.


Everland hotel had landed in Paris. It was created by two Swiss artists, Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann for a swiss national exhibition in 2002.

In Paris it is shown as a sculpture and occupied as hotel room from yesterday November 1 up to next year’s end.


Everland hotel‘s only room is booked up to 2008 January 1, so at the present time you can make a reservation on Wednesday January 2 , if you wish to start the year in an unusual and spectacular way.


You can’t book for more than a single night : 333 euros on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, 444 euros on Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays – Mondays closed – .

Price includes free use of minibar contents, a collection of selected vinyl records for the mood, breakfast in bed, and you may feel free to leave with the embroidered bath towels.

Good night, sweet dreams.


More information, virtual visit and postcards, reservation for real on :


3 responses to “Paris : a room with a view, on top of “Palais de Tokyo”

  1. hey whats that , it moves over the roof ?
    thats really strange , what is thus building called!

  2. The whole thing (hotel room) is called “everland”. It doesn’t move anymore since it has landed over Palais de Tokyo (that’s the name of the building), which is in one wing of Trocadéro, in the other wing is Modern Art Museum. Palais de Tokyo is a site for contemporary art creation. If you book “everland hotel “for one night, you will be part of an artistic gesture, a work in progress.

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