a genuine place in Paris Montmartre : le Marché SaintPierre

Suddenly feeling that Montmartre is a tourists’ trap? Make a stop at Marché Saint-Pierre: here is “déballage Dreyfus”, a department store that sell all kind of textile.


Even if you’re not in Paris to buy fabric, do come in, and you’ll journey back in the fifties, a time when all ladies had a sewing machine, or a dress maker, and found patterns in fashion magazines. Wall painting, signs and salesmen were fresh in those days. Still, all the cloth rolls make the place colorful, and lively when a salesman pulls a large piece of material and takes measure with a long polished wooden meter.


Only customers have changed, you’ll meet young girls as well as matrons, veiled women and young couples.

It’s the last department store in Paris where you’ll find an elevator operator to take you up and down through the five floors, each dedicated to a specific type of material.


Marché Saint-Pierre, Maison Dreyfus 2 rue Charles Nodier 75018 Paris. Metro Anvers.

For a virtual visit that ‘ll make you in the mood, go to : http://www.marche-saint-pierre.fr/


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