Winter coming soon in Paris, gloves are in style!

It’s not winter yet but some days – and most nights – are really chilly in Paris. I, for myself am a glove addict, for my hands easily get cold, red, or blue and aching.

Good news, gloves are back in style this year, and they come in all colors, materials, prices.

For all those who are sensitive to the cold, Eric Bompard sells cashmere gloves in all colors matching with his sweater’s collection. 39 euros only, very soft, very warm, but don’t expect to drive with these on.

Glove is a traditional French industry, located in Millau – today famous for its viaduct. Most of these historical trademarks have hired stylists and also work for fashion designers.

Maison Fabre, for example was founded in 1924 by the great great grand-father of it’s present manager.


Driving gloves, price between 120 and 160 euros. Also classical gloves from 60 euros up to 1000 euros for crocodile long gloves.

Buscarlet sells gloves adorned with Swarovski crystals (300 euros) and also a polar collection that come with matching scarves and bonnets :


Causse‘s gloves are named after models and stars, here are two colors of “Garbo” versions.


The problem with beautiful expensive gloves is that they are those that you loose. Last winter I had a great collection of odds gloves.

If this kind of misfortune makes you sick, or if you’re broke, or don’t want to spend too much on this, Etam‘s new collection won’t ruin your budget.



Price : 24,90 euros. Of course, these are made in China. Also available on Etam’s on line shop :

You can find Maison Fabre, Buscarlet and Causse gloves in all Paris department stores, and for some also on line :


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  1. J´aime beaucoup cet article aussi.


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