ancient photos by Steichen and Ultralab multimedia at Paris Jeu de Paume

Located in Tuileries Garden, overlooking place de la Concorde, Jeu de Paume National Gallery is a museum dedicated to modern art and photo exhibitions.


Up to December 30, it is showing the first european retrospective exhibition of Edward Steichen work, from 1895 in France to 1955 in United States.


Painter and photograph, he was first inspired by symbolist and impressionist painting, and almost an adoptive son to Auguste Rodin.


He was also the first to work for fashion and publicity,


as well as a portraitist of all stars of american film industry,


Reporter on the two world wars, he became after 1945 director of New York museum of Modern Art photo department. Always modern and innovating, he is one of the great figures of twentieth century photo.

All around this great exhibition, Utralab collective disposes several visual and sound devices, in a satellite event called ” Paradise Island”.


Kitsch multicolored electric pannels at Steichen exhibition entrance :


A waiting room with videos, acrylic paintings, black earth sphere, and earphones for sound surroundings.


Visitors climb the stairs in a dim light, along with spooky sound effects. The space is upside down.


Next to restrooms, a canvas for visitors to tag, with a pencil at the end of a string (but someone had stolen the pencil).


More about Ultralab on :

Musée du Jeu de Paume 1 place de la Concorde,75008 Paris, Metro Concorde, tel 33(0)1 47 03 12 50. Monday closed.Tuesday 12 to 21, Wednesday Friday 12 to 19, Week ends 10 to 19. Entrance 6 euros. More information on :


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