Paris Tuileries garden : a walk in an outdoor modern sculpture museum

For some years, modern sculptures stand in harmony with neoclassical ones in Tuileries garden. Wandering about can also be a cultural walk for those who are curious and interested.


In front of the Orangerie Gallery entrance you’ll meet the most famous bronze embracing couple : “le baiser” (the kiss) by Auguste Rodin. He carved this in the end of nineteenth century, the same time impressionist artists created the paintings shown inside.


On the side of the Orangerie building, three other bronze figures by Rodin, “Méditation avec bras” (Meditation with arms), Eve and “l’ombre” (the shadow) (1881/1889) overlook the garden.


A little further, Henry Moore’s “reclining figure” (1951) is laying down the stairs.


On the opposite side of the alley, the bronze “foule ” (the crowd) by Raymond Mason (1963/67) is standing under the sun…


Going down the alley, meet “la grande musicienne” by Henri Laurens (1937)


On the opposite side, the abstract “Primo Piano” by David Smith (1962)


I was puzzled by the mystery of this passionate concrete “kiss”, for I know nothing about it.


A bronze kind of elephant man, facing an empty chair, this is “l’ami de personne” (nobody’s friend) by Eric Dietman (1992)


And going back towards Concorde, along the Jeu de Paume Gallery, “Bel costumé” by Dubuffet (1973) waves good bye to us. Sun is going down, the air is getting cold, it’s time to go home.


Gardens are open from sunrise to sunset. You can enter Tuileries garden by place de la Concorde, rue de Rivoli and avenue du général Lemonnier. Metro Concorde and Tuileries.


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