Paris Bastille Opera : “la femme sans ombre” is perfect

My report about last night first performance of Richard Strauss opera “Die Frau ohne Schatten” : As the rest of the enthusiastic audience, I had a great time.


A view of the theater during intermission, before part two.

I must apologize for my mistake : Hugo von Hofmannsthal wrote this opera’s libretto before he made a novel out of it : very German romantic, ultra metaphorical, and quite complicated.

Conductor Gustav Kuhn, the orchestra and chorus gave a brilliant interpretation of the beautiful score, all the performers had really great voices and played their part as well as they sang.


Eva-Maria Westbroek, the Empress looking for a shadow, on stage during part two.

Bob Wilson‘s production is very impressive. The setting was marvelous, made of stylized geometric forms, moving and changing lights and colors, with some Japanese influence.

But a dark shadow is hanging over Thursday 01/24 performance: public sector has made a one day strike announcement, and usually opera technicians always go on strike whenever they can.

So for more information about what will be going (or not) at the opera on that day, better call : 0 892 89 90 90 if you are in France, or 33(0)1 72 29 35 35 if you are abroad.

And for general information on programs, and reservation :


3 responses to “Paris Bastille Opera : “la femme sans ombre” is perfect

  1. Allthough I was in Paris for the first time, I was very disappointed that the only opera to be performed during my stay was Strauss’ “Die Frau Ohne Schatten.” Boy, was I ever wrong. On the advice of a good friend, I went, as we say, anyway and was totally overwhelmed. The performance was sublime. When was the last time I checked the opera program to see who was responsible for the LIGHTING! And the Paris public went absolutely wild. Nobody ran out in a rush to be sure he/she was the first to get “out of the parking lot.” I walked out of the Opera Bastille in a daze. Where do I go? What can top THAT? I just walked around Paris for what seemed liked hours and wound my way home ( a rented apt. from which I was leaving for the good old USA the next day.) I LOVE PARIS because the people of Paris have such good taste in opera. Richard E. Kaye

  2. What better experience than being overwhelmed by a show you didn’t know about and didn’t expect much?
    I guess you found in the programm that lights were signed Bob Wilson and Andreas Fuchs .

  3. Dear Lou: Haven’t heard you ranting and raving of late. What’s the matter? Taking an anger break? I suppose we Jews, Blacks, Queers, etc. should feel relieved that we’re off the hook temporarily. The issue of illegal immigrants is a real one, but you seem to feel it’s more pressing than this goddam futile war or the nation’s economy going down the tubes. Also, wouldn’t you feel more at home on FOX TV? All the best, Lou. Richard

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