first blossoms : time to take a walk on Paris Promenade Plantée


It’s only February, but first pink and white blossoms make feel that spring will be coming soon.


One of the best place to go for a walk or a morning jogging in Paris is the Promenade Plantée. But it’s quite crowded on sunny week-end afternoons.


It’s a 4,5km long elevated park that runs from Bastille up to Bois de Vincennes, though after passing Reuilly garden, it gets to the ground level.


It has been constructed on a railroad which connected the no longer existing Bastille Railway Station to eastern Paris and that was abandoned since 1969. For over thirty years, it was a very bleak area. The sustaining arcs beneath on avenue Daumesnil were blackened and shabby. On the other side of the track were waste land and ruined old factories. Now it’s been all constructed with very nice and quite expensive apartments


It has become a very popular place among all kind of Parisians, for small children parents, for elder wanderers as well for young people.


You might want to go back window shopping on “Viaduc des Arts”, on the ground level along Daumesnil Avenue.


The viaduct has been completely renovated and each arch filled with large windows housing elegant art craft stores and workshops.


“Promenade Plantée” and “Viaduc des Arts”, 75012 Paris, Metro Bastille, Gare de Lyon, Daumesnil, Montgallet.


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