A walk in Paris around Palais Royal and place des victoires

Walking around Palais-Royal garden, you’ll meet several smaller and more simple pedestrian passages than Galerie Vivienne or Galerie Colbert, like the tiny passage de Beaujolais, leading from rue Montpensier to rue Richelieu.


Down on rue Richelieu, at it’s crossing with rue Molière stands a typical nineteenth century style monument, carved by Louis Visconti and dedicated to the most famous French play writer, the Fontaine Molière.


Up rue Richelieu, the National Library is being renovated, and in front its upper floors wear a light veil.


The courtyard is not under scaffolding, and if you go in, you can visit a photo exhibition called “Trinity, historical and political photos taken by Carl de Keyser between 1991 and 2007.


And leaving the courtyard, you see a huge fountain across the street.


The ” Fontaine des quatres Fleuves“, another work by Louis Visconti, looks even larger for it stands in the middle of a small garden, the square Louvois .


Going back south, at the end of rue des Petits-Champs, you can’t miss king Louis XIV proudly riding a horse in the middle of place des Victoires.


All around this circular place, and the streets leading to it, every step you make you meet a fashion shop window.


Going down rue Croix des Petits-Champs, you will find the elegant Galerie Véro-Dodat, where the “Fetish” exhibition by David Lynch took place last fall.


But on place des Victoires, you can also take the small and quiet rue Notre Dame des Victoires.


Oddly enough, it is dedicated both to the Virgin and to (French) victorious battles. It looks a bit stern outside, but quite baroque inside.


With side altars all glowing with candles.


And looking up, you’ll see a small virgin statue above the shops of the houses built in front of the church.



The latter is protecting a shop window filled with orchids.


The place, though, is called place des Petits Pères, and from there, you can see Galerie Vivienne third entrance, on rue de la Banque.


Bibliothèque Nationale site Richelieu, 58 rue de Richelieu 75002 Paris Métro Bourse. Temporary exhibition : Carl de Kayser, Trinity, up to April 13, everyday except Monday 10-19, Saturday 12 -19, price 7 euros.

Virtual visit on : www.bnf.fr/pages/presse/dossiers/keyzer.pdf


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