Louise Bourgeois : A bad old girl and a major artist in Paris Centre Pompidou

This should be this spring modern art exhibition, over 200 pieces, from 1938 to 2007, all by Louise Bourgeois, shown in Paris Centre Pompidou, usually known as “Beaubourg“.

This 97 years old lady has kept alive the bad spirit, humor and anguish of the little French girl through her work, which she started in 1938 in New York, where she came with her American husband and where she’s been living ever since.

She makes you think of Duchamp, and of the surrealists, but her artistic universe is unique and cannot be related to any specific school. Drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, visiting this exhibition is an emotional, touching and fun experience.

“Mother” greets you in the hall. It is a recurrent figure, with the “femmes-maisons” ( women- houses). But she is not always figurative :

cumul 1969“Cumul ” 1969

And she can be very clear:

raltered states“altered states”(1992)

And when she uses baby pink material, it is not only sweet.

“seven in bed”(2001)

The main part of the exhibition is on level 6, but don’t miss the two rooms located in level 4 at the permanent collection entrance. One of them shows on every wall one of her last work (painting, drawing, writing) untitled “extreme tension” (2007). In the other one, a square piece of material says, embroidered in pink, “I’ve stayed in hell, it was wonderful”.

The had started while I was visiting, pouring on the terrace, over the tables adorned wit silly stiff roses.

And I stopped watching a 1993 video of Louise Bourgeois

And if you understand French, I advise you to look at it, if you want to find a seat, you have to wait until it is over, for she is so witty and clever that she keeps fascinating a large audience .

Exhibition “Louise Bourgeois” up to June 2, Centre Pompidou, place Georges Pompidou, Metro Rambuteau or Hotel de Ville, everyday except Tuesday 11 AM / 21, price 10 euros (for all exhibitions and permanent collection) tel 33(0)1 44 78 12 33. All information and reservation on : http://www.centrepompidou.fr/


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