pink bikes chained in paris

Walking around with my friend Lina ( we stopped at a subway entrance in front of Galeries Lafayettes (a major French department store) to look at pink painted bikes hooked on the metro fence.

It’s not really unusual to see bikes hooked on gates or trees in Paris. If they stay too long, they get gradually stripped off. But I’d never seen such a row of worn out bright pink bikes.

Velibs (the most successful bike -rental Paris system) are grey, most of personal bikes don’t show many colors. Would this be the start of a new mystery advertising campaign? Or a gay cyclist movement sign? (for some reason, in French slang, homosexuals used to be referred as pedals). Anyway, we have looked at it as street art.

This was to be seen at metro Chaussée-d”Antin on 2008 May 29.


2 responses to “pink bikes chained in paris

  1. Bonjour Ms. Eliane,

    I would like to know if pede comes from pedal or not.

    Merci and congratulations for the blog I read it always but never comment…

  2. Hi,
    It’s just the opposite : “pédé” is an infamous abbreviation for “pédéraste”, which in a wider sense refers to male homosexuals. And “pédale” is a slang derivation from “pédé”.
    Thank you for your nice comment.

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