Young talents at Paris Jeu de Paume : Alec Soth, Valérie Mréjen, Angela Detanico & Rafael Lain

Paris Jeu de Paume museum is now showing works of various talented artists under forty.

On the upper floor, the already famous American photographer Alec Soth continues in his own way the work of the great Walker Evans.

Untitled 02 Bogota 2003 from series Dog Days Bogota Alec Soth Magnum

This exhibition is called “space between us”. And it refers not so much to space between a photo and visitors looking at it as to space between the artist and his model.

Two Towels 2004 from series Niagara Alec Soth Magnum

The poster shows Charkes Vasa, Minessota 2002 from series Sleeping by the Mississipi

About the exhibition’s title, “space between us” : I often say that when I am making a portrait, I don’t “capture” the other one’s being. If photography represents anything , it’s the distance between me and the subject.

Downstairs, a French artist, Valérie Mrejen, who is writing novels as well as shooting films, presents a series of videos called place de la Concorde, after the museum’s location.

She works a lot on stereotypes, as in Capri, a video made on purpose for this event. The title already suggests a cliché of romantic issues. A man and a woman are having a couple’s quarrel in a living room, using words taken from films and tv series lines, and changing names during the argument’s course.

To get a brief example of Valérie Mréjen ‘s work, go to :

On the entrance ground and in the basement, Angela Detanico & Rafael Lain, two Brazilian artists living in Paris, use several medias to express their questioning of language and communication codes.

Midi à Paris 2008 Angelica Detanico & Rafael Lain courtesy of galerie Martine Aboucaya Paris.

They also present a virtual work on the museum’s web site :

More on their own website :

Jeu de Paume – Concorde, 1 place de la Concorde 75008 Paris metro Concorde, tel : 33(0) 1 47 03 12 50 open Tuesday 12/21, Wednesday to Friday 12/19, Saturday and Sunday 10/19, closed on Monday. Entrance 6 euros.

Up to June 15:


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