A cell phone for your stay in Paris

Can’t live without a cell phone ?  Bic phone might be an option during your visit in Paris. Even if you’ve taken yours with you, communications are very expensive, and you might need a phone to make reservations, call friends or relatives in France, arrange a meeting…. for a reasonable price.

Bic is a French trade mark (named after a baronet called Bic) which became famous in the fifties selling disposable ballpoint pens. For years, talking about a bellpoint pen, people used to say ” un bic”.

This time it’s an almost disposable cellphone created with Orange, the phone company which belongs to France Telecom.  It costs € 49, with a loaded battery, SIM Card and 60′ communications (valid during 2 months). You can can use it at once, keep the phone number for at least one year, and of course buy some more time if you need it. Of course, it’s basic, don’t expect to tke pictures, listen to music, watch TV, upload anything….you can just call, answer a call and get your messages. After all, it’s a kind of relief.

It’s available in supermarkets, tobaccoes and newspaper shops, and comes in two flashy colors : green and orange.

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