Picasso and the Masters # 2 : in Paris Louvre, Picasso / Delacroix : Femmes d’Alger

There are always plenty of good reasons to pay a visit to Paris Louvre. Nowadays, besides the beautiful exhibition Mantegna 1431-1506 (see previous post, and do make a reservation), with a ticket for permanent collections, you can see Delacroix‘s Femmes d’Alger painting and Picasso‘s studies about it. It is a supplement to the large Picasso and the Masters exhibition at Grand-Palais. As it seems impossible to get a reservation less than ten days ahead for it, do go and visit this precise presentation of the same theme.


It is located on the first floor of the Denon part of the museum. You go through ancient scuplture rooms, to the rooms dedicated to  French paintings.


Room 76 shows large paintings, many of them by Delacroix, like La mort de Sardanapale, 1850 :


Or Scène des massacres de Scio, 1824 :


And between these two, a large gap where Femmes d’Alger (1834) usually stand.


You’ll find them in the next room, 77, where visitors are more crowded (though it nothing compared to Grand-Palais).



Close to Femmes d’Alger, eight of the fifteen variations painted by Picasso from 1954 Febuary 14 to 1955 December 13 inspired by Delacroix‘s masterpiece.

Like this Etude A,1954 December 15:


This series also includes some ink sketches, like this one, dated 1954 December 28 :


It is very interesting and you can get close enough to study any of the paintings, and look at each several times if you wish to compare and try to get the artist’s point.


It is a great preparation to the main exhibition, and you can choose to visit this tiny exhibition and another part of the museum you’re interested in at the same time without feeling overwhelmed.

Picasso / Delacroix : Femmes d’Alger Louvre Museum Aile Denon, First Floor Room 77. Up to February 2, open everyday  except Tuesday  9 to 18, up to 22 on Wednesday and Friday. Ticket € 9. Musée du Louvre, Metro Palais-Royal, tel 33(0)1 40 20 53 17

More information on http://www.louvre.fr/llv/commun/home.jsp

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