4 choices in Paris Centre Pompidou : #1 “Futurism in Paris”

Besides its magnificient and very well presented permanent collection of modern Art, Centre Pompidou proposes different exhibitions. With a single ticket, you may visit the whole museum and temporary exhibitions, but I would not recommend to do it all in one day.

The largest of the current temporary exhibitions of 2008 fall is called Futurism in Paris, an explosive avant-garde.


It’s located in the large gallery on the upper floor up of the Museum, and shows 200 works and documents related to this artistic and ideological adventure, who began with the Futurism Manifesto written by Italian poet Filippo Tomasso, and published a century ago in French newspaper le Figaro.

une-figaro First page of the1909 February 20 edition of the Figaro.

The first room shows a great nude by Picasso and beautiful Braque paintings, as representations of Cubism, against which Futurists stood, though they owed it a lot.

exp-boccioniQuelli che vanno (Those who are leaving) by Umberto Boccioni,1911 ( New York MoMA)

This is one part of this artist’s beautiful tryptic Statu d’animu (1911), also represented on the exhibition’s billboard.

carlo-carrathe funerals of the anarchist Gali by Carlo Carrà, 1910/1911 (New York MoMA)

The exhibition also explores the Futurism Movements in other countries, like Russia.

larionov-xlSunny Day by Michaïl Larionov 1913/1914 (Centre Pompidou Paris)

The abstraction and the Suprematism of Kasimir Malevich :

black_circleBlack Circle, Kasimir Malevich 1913 (Russian Museum of St Petersburg)

And also English Vorticism and French Section d’or, with Marcel Duchamp‘s famous painting Nu descendant l’escalier #2,1912, (Philadelphia Museum of Art). Duchamp described it as “the Cubist interpretation of the Futurist formula.”


My favourite representant of French Futurism is Valentine de Saint-Point who wrote a Woman’s Futurist Manifesto (1911) in reaction to the Italian Futurists misoginy, and a Futurist Manifesto of lust,  (1912) . Quote :” Lust is the carnal search for the unknown”.

Le Futurisme à Paris, une Avant-Garde explosive, up to January 26 Centre Pompidou, Gallery 1, Level 6, everyday except Tuesday 11 to 21, up to 23 on Thursday. Entrance €12 for a day, for all that’s going on in the museum. Free entrance under 18.

Centre Pompidou, place Georges Pompidou, 75001 Paris, Metro Rambuteau and Hotel de Ville. Tel 33(0)1 44 78 12 33.

More information on : http://www.cnac-gp.fr/


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