4 choices in Paris Centre Pompidou # 4 : Damian Ortega,” Champ de Vision”

Whatever you’ve been visiting in Centre Pompidou, don’t leave without entering Collection Espace 315, in the South part of the Museum, to discover an installation by Mexican artist Damian Ortega.


The whole room is filled with light curtains made of translcucent circles in vivid primary colors.


People can go along the path between each row of hanging colored discs , in this light and gay environment.


In the middle of the white back wall, there is a tiny hole, and one can go behind the wall.


and like this little boy, you can look at the room through the hole. And what do you see?


Through the spy glass, you see an eye looking at you, an eye made of all the colored discs which seemed disposed at random.

That’s why the installation is called Champ de Vision (field of vision). It’s fun, it’s bright. And though it’s number four, it is certainly not my last choice.

More about Damian Ortega and this installation on http://www.centrepompidou.fr/Pompidou/Manifs.nsf/0/3618AAB2B724C437C125745600432C9E?OpenDocument&sessionM=2.1.3&L=1&form=Avenir

Damian Ortega, Champ de Vision, up to February 9, everyday except Tuesday  11 AM to 9 PM, up to 11 PM on Thursdays, Centre Pompidou, Collection Espace 315. One day ticket for one visit to permanent collection and all temporary exhibitions. Free under 18.

Centre Pompidou, place Georges Pompidou, 75001 Paris Metro Rambuteau or Hotel de Ville. Tel 33(0)1 44 78 12 33. More information on http://www.cnac-gp.fr/


One response to “4 choices in Paris Centre Pompidou # 4 : Damian Ortega,” Champ de Vision”

  1. Chère amie.
    Me voila au Brésil et déjà nostalgique des nos promenades.
    J’ai pris quelqu’unes des tes photos.
    Je vous embrasse

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