Andy Warhol’s TV in Paris Maison Rouge

Spring 2009 in Paris will be focused on Andy Warhol, and before a large monographic exhibition opening on March 18 in Paris Grand-Palais, the Maison Rouge presents Warhol’s work for television.

ext-maison-rouge-web From 1973 up to his death in 1987, Warhol had an intense production of different works on television. Marcel Duchamp, who appears in a screentest, created a neologism to describe it :  “Warhol n’est ni un cinéaste ni un peintre, c’est un filmeur” ( …”is neither a filmmaker nor a painter, but a “filmer”)

Besides screentests, Warhol started by making fake soap operas with real commercials, and eventually played for commercials …

andy-warhol-tvTDK commercial in 1982.

He filmed dragqueens performing, and routine inside a New York police precinct, as well endless fashionshows, that you can watch at demultiplicated…


and also stars in kind of slapsticks, with special effects, like his head diseppears, and in the next shot is lying on the floor, cut off from his body, and speaking.

warhol-tvjpgHere on one screen, he looks at his body standing without head in the middle of a street.

equipe-warhol Above : Andy Warhol and his crew Don Munrow, Vincent Fremont, Jay Sriver and Sue Etkin, photographed in New York in 1985.

He  produced interviews with art celebrities, and his series Fifteen Minutes from his well known quote “everyone will have his fifteen minutes celebrity”.

warhol-basquiatAndy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat in Andy Warhol’s TV #9, 1983

He appears in various TV programms, and you can  lie on soft pillows and watch on two old television sets (the way he enjoyed to look at television) the episode of the series Loveboat where he plays his own character.

A really fun, sometimes moving, and really intersting exhibition. It has a great catalog, that you can buy at the bookshop next door for €9,90, or order on :


La Maison Rouge, 10 boulevard de la Bastille, 75012 Paris 33(0)1 40 01 94 37. Open Wednesday to Sunday 11AM to 7 Pm, up to 9PM on Thursday. All information on


Exhibition Warhol TV up to May 3, entrance €7.


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