Andy Warhol’s “grand monde” at Paris Grand Palais

Besides the delightful and surprising exhibition Warhol TV at la Maison Rouge, the Grand Palais offers a great retrospective of Andy Warhol‘s art of portrait.


Le Grand Monde d’Andy Warhol can refer to “the large world” as well as to “high society”.

You will see no Campbell Soups, no Car Crash, no Plane Accident, and just one Coca Cola Bottle here, but a lot of faces. And among them, his own.

andy-warhol-autoportraitsSelf Portrait 1966

“I paint myself to remind me that I am still here”.


Self Portrait “Fright Wig” 1986.  He will die a year later.

One of his first works on modern icons status is his well known series of Marylin, initiated in 1962, shortly after Monroe’s death.


Nine Marylins circa 1962

brigitte-bardot_warholBrigitte Bardot, 1974

Movie stars, show business stars, heavy make up, artifice,  staring eyes, shallowness, spleen…


One of the Mick Jagger series (circa 1970)


One of the Debbie Harris series 1980.

Warhol wished that all his portrait had the same scale, so that they could be put together, and form one single painting called “portrait of  society”…And  maybe someday   Metropolitan Museum would want to bye it…

Actually, the Met bought some.


A tribute to Man Ray .

Do take time to watch and listen to Warhol’s filmed “letter to Man Ray”, it’s perfect : dandysm, humour, respect, and art of rpetition (on Christmas menu theme).

The exhibition’s plan divides portraits in different themes, and one room is dedicated to glamour, and portraits of fashion designers, like Gorgio Armani :


and also a 1974 series of Yves Saint-Laurent’s portraits, property of Pierre Bergé Collection. But you will not see these. Pierre Bergé was offended that Saint-Laurent would be mixed with fashion designers,  instead of being shown in the artists room, and he had these removed. Which is a bit offending too, for fashion designers first, after all Yves Saint Laurent might have been a great art collector, but his real art was in designing great clothes. And it’s a pity for us too.

Anyway, its a great exhibition, and it’s a big success as it has just started,  so it’s better to make a reservation.


Le grand Monde d’Andy Warhol Grand Palais Metro Champs Elysées -Clémenceau, up to 2009 July 13, everyday except Tuesday, 10 AM to 10 PM, but 10 AM to 8 PM on Thursday. Entrance €11.

All information, virtual visit and reservation on :


2 responses to “Andy Warhol’s “grand monde” at Paris Grand Palais

  1. Thanks for the look around. I really like this blog and the way the theme is worked. Today’s post reminds me that, sigh, when we were in Paris last year the Grand Palais had a magnificent exhibition about Marie Antoinette. So, so moving and such detail. I’m sure the Warhol is lovely and interesting…but I’m glad I saw Marie.

  2. Thanks for the information… I will use this in my VIRTUAL Paris trip for the month of April… I will definitely link back to you AGAIN. I already borrowed your pink bikes… and linked my readers to you!
    Off to look around your site… ENJOY! Fifi

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