elianejpg.jpgMy name is Eliane, I have been studying, practicing and teaching film (in Paris 8 University ). I was born and live in Paris, and while reading my posts, you’ll hear my French accent.

Paris Connected is close to Conexao Paris, written in Portuguese by my historian friend Lina : we share informations, photos and work together a lot.

In Paris Connected, I try to give you a Paris modus operandi that would be easy to follow, useful and fun.

Inform you about exhibitions, concerts, films, books, social life. Share with you cafés, restaurants, galleries, shops, places that I like. Make virtual walks about Paris with you, that you might want to try for real.

And most of all, if I can, I would like to answer any of your questions.

19 responses to “About

  1. I would like to know more about the restaurants. Thank-you.

    Sincerly, Rachel

  2. Dear Elaine,
    I have a new magazine in Scotland which is dedicated in part to publishing work new work by a lot of new/unpublished writers. I have a lady, Mary Folliet, who has written a short piece that surrounds Café de la Mairie, which you have a wonderful photo of.

    Would it be possible to use the photo if I credit your web site /and you? I can even give your site a listing in our marketplace section and on our website as well.

    If you can let me know as soon as possible that would be great – I am working late to get this issue out and just happened upon your lovely photo.

    Thank You!


  3. Hi Martin
    You’re welcome to use my pictures of Café de la Mairie, thank you for crediting parisconnected and myself (Eliane Le Grivès). I would be interested in reading M. Folliet’s text, and knowing more about your magazine and site. You can write to me at parisconnected@orange.fr

  4. Dear Elian,
    I love your site,
    keep writing,
    Yael Dagan, Yew York

  5. Dear Elaine,
    Your site is fantastic! You seem like the sort of expert who may have the answer to a question that has been nagging me… do you know where is the bridge (in Paris) that featured in the race (la course) between Catherine, Jules and Jim? I’ve been wanting to see it for myself.
    Thanks and keep writing!

  6. Hi Meg,
    Thanks, but unfortunately I am not sure where to find it : it’s a footbridge over a railroad and beneath street level. Maybe it is near place de l’Europe, and I’ll check on this next week. It may also no longer exist. If I get any information, I’ll go back to you.

  7. Allo Allo Eliane,

    I like your site so much that I made it “Blog of the Week” over at:
    Keep up the good work (:

  8. Salut, Eliane –

    Your blog is beautiful. I love the pictures of la Promenade Plantée. I recently did a post on it on my blog, http://www.muguetdeparis.com. I hope you will take a look at it.

    Bonne continuation.


  9. Bonjour!
    I have a question for you Elaine, since you live in Paris(lucky!!) would you consider doing me a huge favor? Laduree doesn’t ship internationally, and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind purchasing some items from there and ship them to the United States to me? Thanks for your time.. I’m sorry for bothering you.

  10. Hi Alyssa,
    the problem is that macarons and such things are very short out dated and it’s probably forbidden to import such items in the States. Besides, I know by experience that it can take quite long to receive in United States goods shiped from France.
    And macarons are mostly a winter desert. Do come to Paris and have some on the spot.

  11. I will for sure! But actually I’m more interested in the boxes.. they are so stylish. And the paeva parfum bottle. But hopefully in the future I’ll make it to Paris. xo

  12. hi, i am wondering if there are any updates regarding your knowledge of the whereabouts of the bridge across which the three main characters in jules and jim raced? any information would be most appreciated! thanks!

  13. Hi Elaine,
    I lived in Paris for 4 years and absolutely love the city and French language! I would like to subscribe to your blog… however could not find where to.

  14. Hi Eliane-

    I lived in Paris earlier this year as a student studying abroad. I (stupidly) never got around to taking pictures of the photos hanging on the gates of the Luxembourg Gardens. Would you happen to have any? I’m specifically looking for the photo of a man and a woman on Sept. 11, 2001 in NYC, but if you could send me any that you have, that would be greatly appreciated! I know you must be busy as a professor, but if you had a moment to e-mail me, it would mean a lot.
    Thank you so much!

  15. enchantedtraveler

    Bonjour Eliane, I just found your blog and love your idea to update us on everthing going on in Paris. I particularly like knowing what is new and special, and know the “heartbeat” of the city I love. I started my own blog last month, to share my love of France. I teach classes for American travelers and share with them my love of France, and highlight all the beauty and glory your great country has to offer. Here is my blog http://www.enchanted-traveler.com
    Do you have the section where I can subscribe to you blog, so I can receive e-mails each time you write a new post?

  16. Brigitte Pottier

    Je cherche le n° de téléphone du magasin du marché Saint Pierre à Montmartre,
    Vous pouvez m’aider ou me dire si le magasin est ouvert lundi.

  17. Les Tissus Reine 01 46 06 02 31 ouverts le lundi après-midi jusqu’à 18 heures 30. Il y a aussi le déballage Dreyfus 01 46 08 92 25

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