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“fetish” David Lynch in the Paris Galerie Véro -Dodat

The Vero-Dodat Galerie is named after its builders( Mr Vero was Montesquieu’s pork butcher, and Mr Dodat a businessman). Glass roof covered passages are typical of Paris XIXth century architecture. They are ancestors of our malls, much smaller and prettier.


This one is located in the old Paris center, near the Louvre. At the corner of rue du Bouloy, le Café de l’Epoque hasn’t change much since Gérard de Nerval used to hang around.


At the opposite entrance, on rue Croix des Petits-Champs, you will find shoemaker Christian Louboutin‘s store.


The Galerie du Passage, in the middle of this timeless and luxurious place, fits perfectly for the “fetish” exhibition : fancy and unwearable shoes designed by Christian Louboutin for the occasion and photos of women and shoes made by David Lynch.


Dazzling, as you see.


Fetichism has never been as cinematographic, elegant and humorous.

All framed photos and shoes are sold at the gallery, for wealthy amateurs only. Others can afford the 20 euros black and red catalog. Free entrance Tuesday to Saturday, 11 to 19, up to November 3.

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Galerie Véro-Dodat, between rue du Bouloy and rue Croix des Petits Champs Métro Louvre .