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Winter 2008 : Evian bottles go out in Jean-Paul Gaultier “pret-à-porter”

As every winter now, Evian asks a fashion-designer to dress its mineral water bottles for new year’s eave.


€ 3 is the less expensive thing you can buy signed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, and you can find he’s last creation presented in number in all Paris Monoprix stores.


Of course, this is the pret-à-porter version, the haute-couture edition in Baccarat crystal is not available in supermarkets.


But I find these very elegant, and easy to drink!

You can also get more information and order these on line :


all shades of red in Paris Musée des Arts Décoratifs

In Paris, 2008 celebrates red as a color, and it takes place at Museum of Decorative Arts, located in a western wing of Louvre Palace.

Red as a color has many strong and opposite meanings, such as passion, danger, interdiction, rebellion, power…in popular French, “prendre un coup de rouge” does’nt mean what it’s literal translation suggests : “get hit by a communist”, but just “have a glass of (red) wine”.

Organizing elements of its permanent collection, the museum proposes an exhibition called aussi rouge que possible (“as red as possible”). It’s a series of installations , focused on diferent themes.

Red for power:

sculpture of roman emperor Hadrien (antique restored in French seventeenth century) next to  armchair Big Easy (Ron Arad, Italy 1991) and a portrait of Turgot by Carl Van Loo (circle 1739)

Red interiors:

armchair vermetila Fernando Campana Brazil 1993

couch Bocca Studio 65 Torino 1969, in front of 1950 posters for Lido Review and lipstick Rouge Baiser

Red clothes :

couch Djinn by Olivier Mourgue France 1993 under a tapestry : Return of the prodigal son France 1580

hats (1939/1950) in front of the window where a 1990 Yohji Yamamoto dress stands in front of a Castilian altar piece (circa 1475/1480) featuring Saint Michel beating the dragon, and two servant dresses (France 1820 – 1860)

Hell and Redemption :

Cabinet Enfer by Elisabeth Garouste Mattia Bonetti France 1998 and a poster advertising Anis Infernal by Leonetto Capiello France 1905

Red Alert:

Poster Hiroshima mon Amour (a play by Marguerite Duras) Théâtre de la tête noire, France 1998.

And in the same time and place, Valentino, Themes and Variations, an exhibition dedicated to the work of a fashion designer well known for his “red”.

And it’s also fascinating to wander through this museum’s huge and various permanent collection.

Musée des Arts Décoratifs, 107 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris, Metro Palais-Royal, tel 33 (0)1 44 55 57 80 Closed on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Friday : 11 to 18, Thursday 11 to 21, Saturday Sunday : 10 to 18.

Exhibition Aussi Rouge que Possible, up to November 1.

Exhibition  Valentino, Thèmes et Variations, up to September 21

June 25 : Sales begin in Paris stores

Summer sales begin in Paris tomorrow morning Wednesday June 25, and will last up to August 2. As spring has been quite chilly, those who can’t try a summer dress when they freeze in their sweaters did’nt buy (I belong to this type ). And middle class people were not so wealthy, not to speak of lower classes – and as everybody knows, there’s no one so greedy as rich chicks who could bite or tramp on one another to get a good price at Gucci or Prada.

Anyway, I think that all kind of stores have a lot of stock. The first day is not a good day – unless you have already focused on one special thing. And if you can, rather try week’s late mornings than Saturday afternoon. If don’t find your size at Galeries Lafayette, try at the Printemps next door, or at the Bon Marché on left bank. They all send about the same trademarks. Or try small shops. Have fun.

Travel through fashion history with Christian Lacroix in Paris Musée des Arts Décoratifs

Christian Lacroix celebrates the twentieth birthday of his fashion design house in a fascinating exhibition at Paris Musée des Arts Décoratifs, which is located in a west wing of the Louvre. Of course, it’s mostly a girl and lady thing, but everyone interested in fashion and design would enjoy it.


The title – fashion stories, or fashion histories as well – is quite accurate, for on two levels we have a large selection of “Haute Couture” pieces by Christian Lacroix throughout this last twenty years, shown with many samples of ancient or modern clothes which have inspired him.

On the ground floor, you can sit and watch a video of Christian Lacroix last fashion show.

The exhibition starts with white :


This 1990 white embroidered dress is shown in front of white dresses of the past, and is a tribute to the very talented Callot sisters who managed one of the leading fashion design houses during the 1920s.

And facing white, color :


This long rose evening coat of the 2004/2005 collection goes with a 1870/1875 bronze green dress.


This 1995 purple dress is shown next to a 2006/2007 black one with the emblematic Lacroix heart on the chest.

Then come dots :


A mixed spring dress with a 1900 blouse, a 1989 Lacroix skirt, and a 1865 hat.


This 1999 spotted dress faces a 1939 suit by the great Elsa Schiaparelli, and between these is hanged a 1969 dress by Guy Laroche.

Then come stripes :


Japanese and Hispanic inspirations are mixed on this two figures facing each other, and behind black and white stripes by Lacroix, red and white stripes on 1895 hanged clothes.


Or the art of mixing motifs that don’t match.


The bride is hanged between the two floors. And upstairs, many other themes like flowers :


Textures :


Historicism :


You will find informations on the clothes shown in each section printed on large sheets that you pick up on the wall. If you read French, I strongly recommend the texts that Christian Lacroix wrote about each theme of the exhibition : they are witty and show his conception of fashion like a never ending recollection and cyclical returns, his tribute to other fashion designers, and the way he uses both biographical and literary influences.

And as it starts with white, it ends with black.


And this black figure is so fuzzy that you could almost think it moves.

But before leaving, have a look at the catalogue.


Musée des Arts Décoratifs 107 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris, Metro Palais-Royal, tel 33(0)1 44 55 57 50. Open Tuesday to Friday 11-18, up to 21 on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 10-18. Entrance 8 euros.

Exhibition Christian Lacroix, Histoires de Mode up to April 6. Catalog 49 euros also available on the museum website :

Past and Present in Paris Galerie Vivienne

Just next door on rue des Petits-Champs, Galerie Vivienne is a more lively and luxurious twin sister to Galerie Colbert.


It’s a beautiful place full of beautiful shops.


While window shopping, take a look down on the mosaic floor, which is signed G. Faccina.


If you feel tired or thirsty, just coming in, you can stop at Bistrot Vivienne


Which also provides tables inside


And if you’d rather have some tea than a glass of wine, walk a little further, and sit under the glass roof at “A priori thé


At a crossing is a bookshop which sells old books and postcards.


and next to it another bookshop that sells and buy old books too, and has a funny old sign


And going further this way, the most stylish shop of all is Jean-Paul Gaultier.


Following its window, you go out on rue Vivienne, once again close to Galerie Colbert.


But Galerie Vivienne has a third entrance, on rue de la Banque

To know all about Galerie Vivienne and its shops, go to :

Galerie Vivienne : 4 rue des Petits-Champs, 6 rue Vivienne, 3 rue de la Banque 75002 Paris Metro Bourse or Palais-Royal

Bistrot Vivienne : 4 rue des Petits-Champs tel 33(0)1 49 27 00 50 open Monday to Saturday 12 to 23.

A priori thé : 35 galerie Vivienne tel 33(0)1 42 29 97 48 75 open Monday to Friday 9 – 18, Saturday up to 18.30, Sunday 12 – 18.30

Jean-Paul Gautier : ttp://

2008 January 9 : Sales in Paris


Christmas and New Year festivities are over, it’s sales time !


On January 9 before dawn, fashion addicts will stand in line waiting to rush in as soon as luxury shops and department stores doors will open. But don’t worry, sales will go on up to January 20, and if you fear to get lost in this jungle, just go to :

cosmetics cakes at Paris Sephora

“Sephora” is a trade mark for cosmetic stores that you can find all over France and in 17 shops in Paris only.


The other half of perfume and cosmetic shops in Paris are “Marionnaud” and there is about no private shop left in this business.


When Christmas comes, Sephora and Marionnaud compete to attract costumers.



Besides the usual perfume cases, this year Sephora has made an alliance with Paris confectioner Ladurée, whose macarons are famous.


So this winter, for 10 euros, at breakfast your lips will taste like brioche.

And for a few euros more, your entire body will smell like pastries : baths salts (10 euros), mixed flavor “macarons” soaps (15 euros), body powder (25 euros), and a Ladurée pink vanity case to carry all this (30 euros)

You can visit and even buy at Sephora on :

As well as for Marionnaud on :

But if you’re not on a diet, I would suggest you to taste the real macarons, and pay a visit to :