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Paris Arsenal harbour and garden, a place to rest and play

The Paris Arsenal harbour is located along Saint Martin canal, between place de la Bastille and the Seine, which canal joins through a sluice gate.


It’s a good place to take a stroll, lay on the grass in the sun, and dream of taking off.


Along the harbour is a neat garden with playgrounds for children.


And if feel like sailing with the stream, you may take a 2.30 hour cruise along the canal.


This boat is called Arletty after a famous french actress of the thirties, and an as well famous 1938 film by Marcel Carné , “hôtel du Nord“, which major setting was this hotel and a bridge over the canal. Arletty plays a legendary scene and this part of the canal still seems part of this film universe.


Port et Jardin de l’Arsenal, Métro Bastille and Quai de la Rapée, accesses on boulevard de la Bastille.

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