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Spring 2009 in Parc de Sceaux : a walk between past and present

Eugene Adget, who had started a carreer of photographer in 1890, spent a good deal of time during year 1925 strolling along the yet quite forlorn alleys of Parc de Sceaux, taking pictures.


This spring, eleven posters of his pictures are set on the very spot they represent, proposing a dreamy walk between past and present.


Adget took this picture of a vase standing along the allée de la Duchesse in April 1925 at 7 AM. In March 2009, there is no more vase around.


And the alley looks very different


from what it was in June 1925 at 6 AM.


This walk takes you in remote places of the garden, like this pool near pavillon de l’indépendance, which has’nt change that much.



and nearby you get to the lovely pavillon de l’Aurore



Pavillon de l’Aurore in may 1925 at 7 AM,  by Eugene Adget


and March 2009, 5 PM

This walk takes you through wooden paths with daffodils


and down the imposing stairs towards the great pool and canals.


A good idea for a sunny afternonn.

Parc de Sceaux, parcours Eugène Adget (entrance on castle side) RER B station Parc de Sceaux. Open up to 7PM till the end of March, then up to 8 PM (usually up to sunset).


Walk among glittering crystals in Paris Parc de Bagatelle

Bagatelle is a beautiful ancient romantic garden, created in queen Marie-Antoinette’s time, and located in Bois de Boulogne. It is famous for its gorgeous roses, but this fall, all great French historical crystal trademarks have joined their talents to change Bagatelle into crystal gardens

On a beautiful day, it’s a lovely destination, but forget it if it’s grey.

Ever lasting water lilies glitter in the sun.

Palm trees are heavy with shimmering glass fruits,

or blue flowers,

and fountains look frozen.

Walk in the Trianon to look at more traditional crystal works, like this chandelier.

Outside, crystal swans float along with their shiny transparent reflection,

but it takes more to to disturb living swans.

All these dreamy pictures were taken by my friend Anne Marie Dumas.

Jardins de Cristal à Bagatelle, every day 10 to 18 up to November 8, entrance €3.

Bagatelle garden is route de Sèvres, Bois de Boulogne. Metro Pont de Neuilly + bus 43 up to Neuilly-Parc de Bagatelle (end of the line). But you can also take bus 43 from Gare du Nord, or Gare Saint Lazare and ride all the way by bus. It might take a little longer, but it’s a nice trip through Paris.

Paris Museum of Romantic Life : German romanticism…and roses

ParisMusée de la vie romantique” always shows delightful exhibitions related to romanticism, and it is one of the most exquisite places to visit, specially in this season.


These days, “The Golden Age of German Romanticism ” shows drawings and watercolors by German artists working at Goethe’s time, including a View of Rome by Goethe himself. Besides Füssli and Friedrich ( three beautiful drawings by each), it is an opportunity to discover less well known artists, like J.G Shadow, whose portrait of Schiller is on the exhibition’s poster.

In a doorway rue Chaptal #26 opens an alley, and walking along makes you think you’re far away from Paris.

At the end of it, you come to light at the museum’s entrance.

The exhibition rooms are in three different buildings, so going from one place to another, you cross the courtyard and its gorgeous flowers.

The last part of the exhibition takes place in the central house, and to get in, you climb up the outdoor stairs adorned with the most beautiful roses.

It is part of Ary Scheffer‘s townhouse, a painter of early nineteenth century, and you go through his living room.

When we left, we were a bit disappointed to discover that the tea room had not opened yet, for it is part of the place’s charm. If you come in June, it will be open.

Then, you will enjoy tea time in the garden, with bird songs and children voices from the next door school. Lovely.

Musée de la Vie Romantique, 16 rue Chaptal 75009 Paris metro Saint-Georges tel 33(0)1 55 31 95 67 open 10 to 18, closed on Monday. Exhibition : L’âge d’or du Romantisme Allemand, up to June 15, enter 7 euros. Information on

Paris : what’s new about Christmas Trees?

There are many florists in Paris, and in front of each shop, as every December, wrapped firs are piled on the sidewalk,

Yes, there can be an alternative to the usual Christmas Tree.


Ice white,


Frozen blue,


You can order any style or height you wish in this uncommon and inventive ” floral workshop” located near Aligre Market. Prices depend on the size and materials used – from 60 euros to 150 or more.

Arom, atelier floral, 73 avenue Ledru-Rollin, 75012 Paris. Métro Ledru-Rollin, tel 33(0)1 43 46 82 59, fax 33(0)1 43 46 39 63