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Paris Montagne Sainte-Geneviève 1 : up and around rue Mouffetard

The south way to climb Paris Montagne sainte-Geneviève is to go up rue Mouffetard, starting at Saint Médard square.


It was former – long ago – a working class district, and the whole area was called “la Mouff‘”. All the lower part of rue Mouffetard and its crossing little streets was an outdoor food market. It still has beautiful remains.


Facing Saint-Médard, a completely tattooed old house – a pork and poultry shop, as we can see, shows this area’s historical tradition. Nowadays, you find there “Androuet“, which is one of the best cheese stores in Paris, and a fine Italian products shop.


Going all the way up, you’ll get to place de la Contrescarpe. There you have several options.


You can sit at one of the numerous cafés around. You can go down rue du Cardinal Lemoine and pay a visit to hotel des Grandes Ecoles courtyard and garden. You can go straight ahead on rue Descartes, and and pass Pierre Alechinsky‘s poetic “street tree”.


At rue Clovis corner stands Henri IV high-school, which is one of the “grandes écoles” left in the neighborhood, and at the end of this street, you have a glimpse on place du Panthéon.


From the Contrescarpe, you can also climb higher, taking on the left rue Blainville and rue de l’Estrapade. It goes through a nice little square:


Next to it, a former coffee roasting plant


has become a town house.


At rue des Irlandais’ corner, meet a shooting soccer player by FKDL


You can also stop for a drink place de l’Estrapade at the Café de la Nouvelle Mairie


Though it is rather chilly, many people sit outdoor, under heating devices : the smoking costumers. This is part of a recent phenomena.


Since the beginning of this year, it’s forbidden to smoke in all public places. So smoking has become a significant outdoor activity. You’ll notice people smoking outside offices and stores – where large outdoors ashtrays have been set on the ground. There are more people outside cafés than inside – when outdoor is heated. And even at home, rain or snow, you’ll see people smoking on their balcony. What’s more dangerous for your health, smoking or catching a bad cold?

You can get to rue Mouffetard by metro station Monge or Censier-Daubenton.


Paris Place de la Madeleine : Pink Fauchon or Red Hédiard?

Historical and rival, the two most famous luxury grocery shops are both located place de la Madeleine.

So close to the Pinacothèque that Soutine exhibition posters are reflected in its windows, Fauchon is a pink world.


Symmetrically, on the square’s other side, it’s already Christmas at the bright red Hediard shop and restaurant.


What a terrible dilemma : having caviar at Hédiard?


Or having caviar at Fauchon?


Unless you’d rather window shop or buy great mustard and pickles at Maille.


Maille, 6 place de la Madeleine 75008 Paris métro Madeleine and :

Fauchon 26 place de la Madeleine 75008 Paris tel 0170 39 38 00 and :

Hédiard 21 place de la Madeleine 75008 Paris and :

Izraël’shop, heavenly exotic gastromy in Paris Marais

Walking along Paris Marais rue François Miron makes you travel through the past, but it also can be a spicy and tasty journey : you just have to stop at #30 at Izraël shop. It’s my favorite shop in the neighborhood.


The medieval house is just across the street.


Izraël‘s colorful shop also make you journey throughout the world’s savors and through (a less ancient) history : the window on the “wine and liquor” side is completely filled with old product boxes that take us at least 50 years back.


Do come in : You’ll find here any exotic rare spices or liquor, all kinds of crystallized or dried fruits. It’s a feast for the eyes. But unfortunately, I can’t make you smell the delicious fragrance that you breathe the moment you walk in, and makes you want to taste everything. So, you just have to visit the place for real.


Izraël, 30 rue François Miron, 75004 Paris, tel : 33(0)1 42 72 66 23, Métro Saint-Paul. Open Tuesday to Friday 9.30/13 and 14.30/19, Saturday 9 to 19.