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Winter 2008 : Evian bottles go out in Jean-Paul Gaultier “pret-à-porter”

As every winter now, Evian asks a fashion-designer to dress its mineral water bottles for new year’s eave.


€ 3 is the less expensive thing you can buy signed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, and you can find he’s last creation presented in number in all Paris Monoprix stores.


Of course, this is the pret-à-porter version, the haute-couture edition in Baccarat crystal is not available in supermarkets.


But I find these very elegant, and easy to drink!

You can also get more information and order these on line :


Christian Lacroix already dresses Evian’s bottles for New Year’s eve.

Since 1992, year of Albertville’s Olympic Games, French mineral water Evian produces every winter specially shaped or adorned bottles for Christmas and New Year eves.

Evian Millennium bottle:


Since 2000, other mineral water trade marks have done the same :

Perrier 2000 :


Badoit 2004 :


So that Evian had to become more creative for it’s 2005 edition :


This year, for 1,98 euros, you can buy fashion designer Christian Lacroix‘s Evian “midnight supper”(ready to wear) bottle in Monoprix and major Paris supermarkets.


If you prefer the “haute couture” version, it’s far more expensive : 5000 euros, but it would be generous : profits will go to charity institutions.

There was a “preview”sale on line of this 2007 edition, and collectors wait each year for new Christmas water bottles.

I have some left, maybe should I sell these on e-bay.

Visit this most elegant site :