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January 24 : Walking along Paris streets

January 24 was a day of protest in all French cities, and Paris streets were filled with marching people University professors and students, Hospital doctors and nurses, Scientists, Postmen, high-school teachers, air traffic controllers, librarians… even some policemen had joined in.


I was there too, to support my University friends, and I took a few pictures.


Protest marches are a French National sport, and in Paris, Bastille is a traditional stage on their way.


Some had made paste board carnival like figures. This one says “Sarko is very bad for your health”. Exactly the same worlds are written on cigarettes boxes. But French people don’t smoke any more, except in the streets.


It was a rather calm protest that went from Jussieu , a science University located on left bank near the Seine, up to St Augustin Church, which is North West on right bank. It was a long way, and at the end it started raining, so everybody left quickly.