Linger on an old Paris square : place du Marché Sainte Catherine

Located close to place des Vosges, Hotel de Sully and Musée Carnavalet, you’ll find a most charming, simple little square, la place du Marché Sainte Catherine. Though it was built on mid eighteenth century, it looks timeless.


It is very discreet, and looks quite closed, but as you can see, it’s very popular on sunny days, and there are bars and restaurants at every corner.

There are three ways to get there : leaving place des Vosges by rue des Francs-Bourgeois, turn left on rue de Turenne and right on rue de Jarente or rue d’Ormesson.

Leaving Hotel de Sully, take a right on rue Saint-Antoine, and a right again on tiny rue Caron.

Leaving Musée Carnavalet, go down south rue de Sévigné (crossing rue des Francs-Bourgeois), and take a left on rue de Jarente or rue d’Ormesson.


If you don’t feel like eating or having a drink, just sit on one of the benches – a truly romantic thing to do with your sweetheart. And to fulfill the cliché, look up on the flowers on the mansard windows behind, on rue de Jarente :


If you feel for a drink, I would suggest le bar de Jarente, just facing the house with lovely flowers on the roof. It was once really quaint when an old lady used to run the place – we just called it “chez la vieille” – but now it has become a more swinging place :

Bar de Jarente, 5 rue de Jarente open everyday 10 AM to 4 AM, “happy hour” 17.30/20 tel 33(0)1 48 87 60 93

One response to “Linger on an old Paris square : place du Marché Sainte Catherine

  1. When preparing for our first art trip to Paris, I asked two Parisian natives studying with me in Connecticut, where we should stay and paint. They both, from separate sides of the table immediately pointed on the map to Place du Marche’ St. Catherine . . . as if a magnet had pulled their fingers there. We have gone back many time over the years, and stay around the corner at hotel Jeanne d’Arc every time. I long for it whenever I am away.

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